The Food and Wine Hedonist

In every issue, Bon Appétit magazine features a Q&A with a celebrity asking about his or her quirky food habits and favorite things to eat. Until a few years ago, it had always included this question: “What three things are always in your refrigerator?” I was intrigued by that question and was bummed when they stopped asking it.  The decision may have been made because celebrity refrigerators sometimes aren’t very interesting—I remember several saying the one thing that’s always in their refrigerator is a bottle of champagne. Bor-ing. (Next to the leftover smoked salmon pizza from Spago, right?)

I still think it’s a cool question, as it lends interesting insight into a person’s tastes and cooking styles. If I were to answer, I’d say things like good European cheeses, lemons, and fresh herbs including thyme, cilantro, and basil. Still, I realize those answers aren’t particularly exciting and are a little…

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